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About the Author:

Meet Eric Kellum (aka E). A spoken word experience. A spades expert. An old-school hip-hop enthusiast. A  fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Golden State Warriors (Dub Nation).  A provoking and inspiring spoken word artist. A lover and best friend to the incomparable Susan E Kellum. An "empty-walleted" father to Eric Sean, Taylor, Lauryn, Symone & Zoey. 


Eric, along with his bride of 23 years, Susan, serve as the Lead Campus Pastors to Zion Woodbridge and the online campus of Zion Church (Zion Anywhere). With over 27 years of ministry experience, Eric is presently and passionately a man on a mission to help other men heal and be enlightened by God's definition and purpose for love, marriage, and sex.


Eric's ministry has been described as transparent, authentic, artistic, provoking, and down-to-earth. His teaching offers insight and practical tools in addressing the issues that many men struggle with, but not many churches seem to have the solutions for.


Invite Eric to be a part of your next life-changing event. To inquire about booking, email Eric at You can also follow eric on IG & Twitter (@erickellum) and FB (eric kellum).

W3 Publishing

Way With Words Publishing, LLC

W3 Publishing is a family publishing company that produces and publishes books content specifically designed to promote faith and family values.


It was established in Nov 2018, in the preparation for the release of “Sexual Healing: A Man’s Sexual Journey and the Lessons Learned Along the Way”.


W3 Publishing is committed to publishing works that promote family - all dynamics of family: marriage, parenting, children’s books, devotionals. 

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