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Meet the Kellums. A close knit family that believes in the importance of family, and is driven to promote the family lessons that they value as the practice them along the way. They are the heart and soul of Kellum Enterprises, LLC.


Kellum Enterprises is a family business that develops entertainment and media content specifically designed to promote family & faith values.


Initial divisions of Kellum Enterprises are our Way With Words Publishing, LLC (aka W3 Publishing), Uncle E Adventures, our Family Matters Podcast, and Eric Kellum’s Good Sex Webinars. (Note: The Family Matters podcast and the Good Sex Webinars will be available in the beginning of 2020)


W3 Publishing presently has the ebook and hard copy of Sexual Healing: A Man’s Sexual Journey and the Lesson’s Learned Along the Way. The audio book version will be released on Dec 20th, 2019. Sexual Healing is a transparent and authentic must read that is geared towards men; however, women can find a better understanding of men and sexuality by reading the book. Sexual Healing looks at the author’s lessons that he learned from his sexual journey; it shows men how to look at sexuality from God’s perspective, and encourages men to apply that perspective in healing and flourishing their sexual communication with their wives.


W3 Publishing will also be releasing the interactive ebooks of The Adventures of Diggle, Boogie & LoLo poetic children’s book series (to include, Diggle Loses LoLo and Boogie and the Bubbles) during the holiday season of 2019. These poetic books are brilliantly written. They are engaging to children with their interactive features and they promote character values.


Uncle E Adventures


What is Uncle E Adventures? Animated, energetic, family-friendly to fun. 

Uncle E is the author and creator of the children’s book series, The Adventures of Diggle, Boogie & LoLo. Uncle E has way of engaging and interacting with kids in a very special, very positive way. 


Uncle E Adventures can be an animated book reading adventure at a school for a small class room to a gymnasium full of 8 classrooms. Or it can be DJ Uncle E blazing songs on the ones and twos, playing clean, appropriate and fun dance party music that both parents and kids enjoy together. To find out more about Uncle E and book him for your upcoming school event or private party, click this form and submit

Eric and Susan Kellum are the co-founders of Kellum Enterprises. They have been married for 20 years. The heart and fiber of Kellum Enterprises is Family. The Kellum children (Eric II, Taylor, Lauryn, Symone & Zoey), have already been recruited in the family business and will continue to have an active role in this company that creatively and unapologetically promotes faith and family values.

At Kellum Enterprises we strive to enrich lives.


What About Us  (WAU)

What About US (WAU) is a marriage investment session birthed out of a marriage that almost didn’t work. In 2008, Eric and Susan Kellum strongly considered the option divorce. Through faith and hard work, they were able to overcome issues and struggles that almost destroyed their marriage and family. Today, Eric and Susan counsel couples and facilitate workshops, with the goal of helping couples re-discover their “US”


“Every couple has a unique “US; it’s that “US” that compels a couple to say I DO. Unfortunately, sometimes, the “US” gets lost in the care of the kids, and the bills and stress from work, and everything else that life throws at a marriage and family”.  -Eric Kellum


Our What About US investment marriage sessions help couples re-discover their “US”, as well as, identify practical steps to ensure that the couple doesn’t ever lose their “US” ever again.


The WAU workshops are unique because they are a great blend of creativity, practicality and transparency. Eric and Susan are very open about the real-life struggles and issues that they have had to overcome. They allow participants to feel like a deeper level of marital intimacy is feasible and obtainable.

What About US Marriage Investment Sessions coming Fall of 2019. To be notified of our upcoming sessions, sign up for our mailing list by using the Get Latest Updates box at the bottom of this page.

W3 Publishing

Way With Words Publishing, LLC

W3 Publishing is a family publishing company that produces and publishes books content specifically designed to promote faith and family values.


It was established in Nov 2018, in the preparation for the release of “Sexual Healing: A Man’s Sexual Journey and the Lessons Learned Along the Way”.


W3 Publishing is committed to publishing works that promote family - all dynamics of family: marriage, parenting, children’s books, devotionals. Stay tuned in 2019, as W3 Publishing publishes the book series, The Adventures of Diggle, Boogie and Lolo, a poetic children’s book promoting family values (coming Nov 2019), and much more!

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