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Can you imagine a pastor sharing his authentic journey toward Sexual Healing?


This book is about my sexual journey, and the sexual sickness I acquired along the way.


To be clear, I’m referring to a sickness that includes symptoms of selfishness, lust, pornography, and intimacy deficiency, and how this sickness almost destroyed my marriage and my family. This book is also about my discovering sexual healing from my sexual sickness. I am truly walking in sexual healing…truly! And I wanted to tell the world about it! I am aware that I am not the only man that has been sexually sick.


With the common scandals that we hear in the news, in addition to what I experience in everyday conversations with couples that come to me for counseling, it has been clear that there are many many men that are sexually sick. No man is immune to this sickness. This sickness has plagued powerful businessmen, politicians and pastors. And as a pastor (yes, I am a pastor), I feel an obligation to share in the embarrassing and painful parts of my sexual journey, and the life-changing principles I have learned, with the hope that it can provide help and healing for many men that travel down their own paths.


So what are you waiting for? Let the healing begin...



Author Bio

Eric Kellum I, is gratefully and happily married to Susan Elizabeth Kellum; they have been married for 20 years. Together, they counsel and conduct workshops for other married couples; Eric and Susan have 5 amazing children: Eric II, Taylor, Lauryn, Symone and Zoey. Eric is a co-lead pastor of Zion Church Woodbridge, and Zion Church Anywhere (online campus-

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